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KAREN MORRISON           Executive Director / Founder

IMG_1394Karen is AquAbility’s Founder and Executive Director. Her days are filled with the business of AquAbility, grant writing, staff organization, and hands-on pool time. Karen trains and oversees staff and teaches training courses and seminars around the country and internationally. Karen created the certification course for Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disabilities and is a course provider for Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute. Karen is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through Therapeutic Aquatics. In her spare time, Karen plays on a few local hockey teams as goalie, and loves her pets, paddle boarding, and cooking.






KATIE MARTIN-STUTZMAN                Program Director and Instructor

IMG_0599Katie has been committed to helping people connect with their bodies in a meaningful way since becoming a Pilates instructor in 2008. Alongside Pilates, Katie performed as an aerial artist with a troupe in Mexico for several years before moving to Berlin, Germany to attend a performance college. Life took a sharp turn when a family crisis brought her permanently back to the US, and then to Idaho. When Katie found AquAbility as a Boise State University Kinesiology student in September of 2015, she was instantly drawn to it. Her cousin, Larissa, had severe cerebral palsy and was Katie’s first experience with people with disabilities. In elementary school, she practiced for and obtained a “wheelchair license”, which allowed her to assist with transporting students from the special needs classroom. Since graduating in May of 2017, Katie is AquAbility’s ProgramDirector. She loves to be behind the scenes talking with families and getting participants registered as much connecting with them in the water. Katie holds the AquAbility Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disabilities Certification.




LANETTE GUILLORY               Instructor


AquAblity is a great fit for Lanette because she loves the water and children.

Lanette began volunteering in 2012 in the Boise AquAbility Program and is now on staff and substitutes. Lanette and her husband Doug were introduced to AquAblity by longtime participant Jet Turner after Doug was disabled. Lanette loved the program right away and looks forward to many more years with AquAbility. Lanette has the WSI certification and the AquAbility Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disabilities Certification.

Lanette also has a BS in Business Administration and 33 years of work experience at Hewlett-Packard. She feels hugely fortunate to have had parents that enjoyed water sports and the great outdoors, and has continued that tradition with her family. In retirement in addition to playing in the water she enjoys bike riding the US Rails to Trails with her husband.




KIM RUSSELL               Instructor

IMG_1558Kim started volunteering with AquAbility in October 2015 and has been on staff since March 2016. Kim loves the water and has been involved in aquatics—lifeguarding, teaching swimming lessons, swimming competitively in college and coaching Special Olympics. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education with a major in Special Ed and a minor in Adapted PE from Central Michigan University. Kim currently works at Meridian High School in the Special Ed Dept. and volunteers with Boise Parks and Recreation’s Adventure program for people with disabilities. She finds joy in seeing her students gain self confidence in the water and celebrates every little victory. Kim holds the AquAbility Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disabilities Certification.







OLIVIA LANGS          Site Leader – Coeur D’Alene

IMG_0351Olivia worked as a lifeguard at Boise State Recreation Aquatic Center and for three years she watched the AquAbility program improve the lives of their participants. As a Kinesiology student at Boise State University, she needed to choose a Service Learning program and knew immediately with whom to sign up with. Olivia has taught American Red Cross swim lessons since 2012 and feels very comfortable in aquatic environments. In addition to teaching swim lessons, she continues to teach Water Aerobics, Lifeguarding, CPR and First Aid classes. She has been with AquAbility since January of 2016, and is grateful for the opportunity to change lives of all ages working with AquAbility therapeutic adaptive programs. Olivia holds the AquAbility Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disabilities Certification and is an instructor. Olivia will be Site Leader in the AquAbility Coeur D’Alene program.







TAYLOR COLLERAN                   Instructor

IMG_0038Taylor Colleran watched over the AquAbility program for a year working as a lifeguard at the Boise State Rec center. Pursuing a career as a medical doctor he always knew that he had a passion for improving the lives of others. When a staff position became available in the fall of 2016 Taylor jumped at the first opportunity he had. Since then Taylor has found a forever passion working for AquAbility and will continue his pursuit to positively impact the lives of others. Taylor holds the AquAbility Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disabilities Certification.







CONOR MOONEY                 Instructor and Office Administrative Assistant

IMG_1003Conor Mooney is a Kinesiology student at Boise State University studying to become a prosthetist and orthotist. As part of one of his classes Conor chose to do service learning with AquAbility. Conor fell in love with the program and moved from doing his service learning to being a staff member. Conor loves the water and in addition to Aquability likes to play water polo and swim. Conor started with AquAbility in September of 2017. Conor holds the AquAbility Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disabilities Certificate.








MARILYN McCALLISTER                Instructor 

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Marilyn began volunteering in the fall of 2016, earned the AquAbility Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disabilities Certification in 2017 and is now a substitute instructor. Marilyn retired from her second career in 2015 and wears various volunteer hats in the Boise community. While Marilyn has been a life long swimmer and lover of water, learning to help people with disabilities in an aquatic environment pushed her out of her comfort zone, which is how we all continue grow as people. She holds a MS in Exercise and Sports Studies and a BS in Mechanical Engineering.










JENNA MORIARTY       Instructor

Jenna has over 20 years experience teaching a variety of adaptive aquatics programs to people of all ages and abilities.  She is a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and has worked in the field in and out of the water in clinical and community settings. She began working for AquAbility in fall of 2014 shortly after moving here from Colorado. When she isn’t in the water she is recreating with her husband and two children. They enjoy mountain biking, skiing, paddle boarding and traveling. Jenna is excited to be a part of AquAbility and to share her excitement for swimming with others. Jenna has the AquAbility Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disabilities Certification.





JOAN CUNNINGHAM            Instructor

The first week after arriving in Boise with her husband Rich, Joan was watching the local news with when she saw Karen interviewed and heard all about AquAbility. Rich looked at her and said, “Wow! That has your name all over it!” A former special educator with two degrees in special education and 15 years experience as a classroom teacher and administrator, she had worked with students from infancy to high school, as well as the full spectrum of needs from multiple/complex to mild/moderate. In addition, Joan spent her high school and college summers as a lifeguard and swimming instructor, so AquAbility presented the perfect opportunity for her to begin to develop roots in a new community and tap into some dormant expertise. Joan began volunteering with AquAbility in July, 2017, and became a staff member in March, 2018. Joan completed the AquAbility Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disabilities Certification course in July 2018.


KATHRYN “KAT” LARRICK                   Instructor


Kat is from the beautiful state of Washington and moved to Boise seeking higher education. She is currently a junior pursuing a degree in Health Science, Pre-Occupational Therapy at Boise State University. Kat started swimming competitively when she was 5 years old and has been obsessed with the water ever since. She started working in aquatics when she was 15 years old as a lifeguard, swim instructor, as well as teaching lifeguarding and CPR classes. She first saw AquAbility when she was working as a lifeguard at the Boise State Rec Center. Kat fell in love with the program and has been working with AquAbility since early 2018. Kat holds the AquAbility Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disability Instructor certification.




HANNAH THOMPSON           Instructor

Hannah Thompson has been working with AquAbility since March of 2018.  She is a senior in the Kinesiology program at Boise State. After graduation, she plans to apply to graduate schools to become a Physician’s Assistant. Hannah was a competitive swimmer growing up and has always been around the pool. She has taught swim lessons, coached, and lifeguarded for 5 years. She started volunteering with AquAbility because she observed the program while lifeguarding at the Boise State Rec Center and fell in love with it.  She loves to see how much her students love to be in the water and watch the improvements they make on a day to day basis.




JAMES BIEBER                  Instructor

My name is James Bieber, I attend Boise State University and am pursuing a kinesiology degree with a certification in sport coaching. I expect to graduate in the Fall of 2019. I found out about AquAbility through volunteering as part of my adapted physical education course. I was immediately drawn into what they were doing and what they stood for. I had such a great time volunteering that when my class was over I asked if AquAbility could find a place for me on their staff. I was elated to get a yes, and AquAbility has become a job that I look forward to going to every week. I am a certified AquAbility Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disabilities instructor.



PAM EBERTZ           Instructor


Pam first met Karen Morrison when she was coaching the masters swim team at Zenergy Health Club in Ketchum.  When AquAbility began in 2010 she was part of a group of volunteers from the Wood River Valley that would drive to Gooding, Idaho once a week and work with the students at the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind.  Pam found it so rewarding to see how free the kids were in the water and how they improved in so many different areas and gained aquatic skills.  Pam now works part time with the AquAbility program at Zenergy in Ketchum. She also works at the YMCA with the Blaine County MAKE A SPLASH program, teaching swimming and safety skills to second graders.





MISSY RUSSELL             Instructor

IMG_0581 2Missy Russell is an Elementary Education and Early Childhood trained teacher with her Water Safety Instructor certification.  She has also trained in deep and shallow water Hydrofit.  She enjoys water sports such as white water rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving, hydrofit classes and swimming.  She has taken a special interest in working in Special Education classes as a substitute teacher in the Wood River area for the past four years.  She is currently working as an assistant teacher in a pre-k classroom, guest teaching and teaching swimming. She is a former pre-k, 2nd grade, swimming teacher and Summer camp director.  She is particularly interested and trained in helping students with Autism and other spectrum disorders and feels that time, patience, and understanding go a long way. Missy looks forward with enthusiasm to helping participants hone their swimming skills to achieve water safety, fitness and enjoyment. Missy began working with the AquAbility in Ketchum at Zenergy in November 2017. Missy has her AquAbility Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disabilities Certificate.




NICK McCOY         Instructor

My name is Nick and I started as a volunteer for AquAbility through the service learning program at Boise State University. Initially, I had few expectations because the atmosphere was so new to me. After a couple of days in the pool I quickly understood why the other instructors were so eager to start each session. The children who we are privileged to work with were some of the most amazing individuals I had ever met. Regardless of their situations, every day they arrived at the pool they were ecstatic to get started with their instructor. I have to admit, it was a contagious atmosphere to be around. Now that I am myself an instructor, I get to build even more relationships with the individuals I interact with in the pool. I absolutely love what I do and I am so grateful for the opportunity that Aquability has provided me.




KJERSTEN GRINDE                      Instructor

Kjersten is from Minnesota and graduated from St. Olaf College, then did her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of MN. She started competitively swimming at the age of 8 and swam through college. She has always enjoyed working with youth and helped coach an adaptive swim team in MN prior to moving to Idaho. Kjersten has a pediatric background for the past 2 years in physical therapy but is currently working with individuals across the life span. She particularly enjoys seeing people make progress in desired skill areas or become more independent and curious in their environment.

Kjersten joined AquAbility to better be able to work with individuals in an aquatic setting to improve their comfort, function, and safety in the water. Additionally, AquAbility has awesome tools, strategies, and mind-sets about aquatic therapy that is both in sync with the field of physical therapy, yet very novel to create a custom experience to meet the needs of each individual. Kjersten earned the AquAbility Therapeutic Aquatics for People with Disabilities Certificate.

Finally, Kjersten believes costumes are always welcome, singing and repeat after me songs are genius, and having fun is always the goal.




MATTHEW DAHLGRAN                 Bookkeeper

IMG_2940Matt Dahlgran – As a recreation major in college, Matt always told people he went to college to learn how to play.  It always seem to be an appropriate answer given the content of his classes.  Now, seeing the incredible work of AquAbility, he sees “play” with a purpose each day.  As a non-profit professional for 15 years, Matt has always appreciated the impact non-profits have on individuals, both staff and participant. Now, with AquAbility, Matt as a chance to see the story numbers can tell about the program and the growth of the participants. Matt and his family have been in Boise for 3 years and enjoy the culture, climate, and people.







LUKE MORRISON           Office Technical Support


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