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I often think of myself as having two lives. One as an athletic, independent, impatient, hardworking and fun loving walking person to a quadriplegic who had to learn patience, dependence and how to laugh again. I learned very early on after my injury that I wanted nothing more than to mother my children, love my husband, adapt to a new way of running my business and to find new ways to enjoy my friends and family and the great outdoors.

As a C6-C7 quadriplegic I had limited options. Or so I thought. I soon found that I could still dance from my wheelchair, kayak with my husband, listen and guide my children, design interiors of homes and run a furniture and design firm here in Ketchum, Id. and have endless adventures both good and bad with many wonderful friends. But most importantly I learned to try anything and if it didn’t work the first time, change it up a bit and try again. Growing up in Manhattan Beach California, we surfed, body surfed, swam, and  enjoyed anything to do with the ocean or water.

Getting into the water again was the most frightening and the most exhilerating thing I had done yet in my second life.  The water gives me the freedom to move.  It equalizes the injustice of my dissability.  I explore the sea, I swim forever in the cold water of Redfish Lake, I throw myself from the kayak to swim with the porpoise… anything to get into the water.

Now through the Aquability program I am gaining more strength, learning new strokes, making new friends and always with a smile. I try to always be positive, listen to others and keep focused on the beauty of today.