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I moved to Ketchum in 1984.  I was an avid skier, hockey player, played tennis, hiked, played college lacrosse, enjoyed mountain biking, and was an all-around athlete.  I got married in 1998, and  have 2 sons, aged 9 and 11.

I was diagnosed with colon cancer after birth of my second son 9 years ago.  Upon completing my chemo and surgery for cancer treatment, I received more bad news – I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease.

As the Parkinson’s progresses, I have had to give up or alter my sports and workouts that mean so much to me.  I now enjoy swimming, riding my tricycle, hiking on flat trails, using the Alter G treadmill, taking balance class, and strength training.  Exercising means so much to me and helps me feel better.

Karen and I played hockey on the same team back in 1997 before my Parkinson’s. After I began swimming at Zenergy a year ago, Karen asked me to swim with the Masters group and I tentatively started going to the practices.  They were much better then I, but they were all so nice and I loved the swimming.

When Karen started Aquability I wanted to participate.  It is a program that is specific to my needs.  What’s even greater  is that they have a scholarship fund!  I swim with AquAbility on Tuesdays and each week I look very forward to it, and get a great workout.  It’s not an easy class whether you are a wounded warrior or a paraplegic, have MS or Parkinson’s.  It is definitely a challenge and helps me to work on my balance, coordination, and my cardio fitness.

Karen is great coach.  She treats us all individually.  Karen challenges us and of course encourages us too!  I even swam in a local swim meet!  I really enjoy training sessions at Zenergy, both with the Zen Masters and the AquAbility program.  I just started it so its too soon tell on my improvement but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t improve my swimming ability and my state of mind!

-Jenny Gatehouse