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I was born with the athletic nature in my blood. I started playing football in the 4th grade, competed in my first bike race in the 6th grade and set records in track and field in high school. After high school I joined the Army and went to noncommissioned officer school to reach the rank of sergeant E5. I was then sent to Vietnam as part of the first cavalry E co 25th, where I was placed on a 5 man recon team during a mission I was wounded to medivacked out. After the Army I established a family and career but never lost of love for outdoor activities. I have since raced in national grade rode races, cross-country skied and ran 11 marathons among many other competitive activities. The ability to do the things I love was taken from me in the fall on 2008 when I was in a bike wreck that left me paralyzed. After two 8-hour surgeries and almost 3 years of rehabilitation I am able to walk again. My accident affected the upper portion of my spine, which has caused my arms to become stiff and un-flexible. Since being given the opportunity to work with Karen at AquAbility my arms have started to loosen up and it has allowed me to get my arms and legs working together at the same time. It has been such an experience to be in the pool and get the motion back in my arms. Swimming makes me feel great and will be a lifetime sport for me.