A Letter from the Executive Director,

I hope you, your families and support providers are faring well during the COVID-19 “Corona Virus” pandemic and that you are in good health and staying as active as possible given our restrictions. Indeed, it is a time for taking stock of the good things in  our lives and enjoying family. One of the things I am very grateful for is AquAbility. I hope the attached video will bring a smile to your faces.

At this time we do not have a date or any idea when AquAbility programs will resume. The decision to resume programs will take many factors in consideration with the safety of all involved being first and foremost. I will continue to stay in touch with you via emails, on the website and through Facebook posts. Please “like” us on Facebook and keep checking the website to stay updated.

Like most families and small businesses, AquAbility is hurting financially during this period. That being said, if you or your friends or families are able to donate to AquAbility, we would greatly appreciate support for our core expenses during this time. Bringing your account up to date would also be a great help.

Donations and participant fees can be paid on the website using the PayPal button. Please indicate in the notes section if you are making a donation or paying participant fees so that we can apply the funds appropriately. 

Donate     OR       Pay My Fees

AquAbility is about the participants – it is you who gives our fabulous instructors a reason to love what they do. There are no words to say how much we all miss the program and cannot wait to be back in the water seeing all the smiles!

AquAbility, received the video that Boise State University videography students prepared for us last semester, as a part of their final project.  It brought tears to my eyes and made me realize how many lives we touch and also how much I am looking forward to the time when it is safe for us to resume AquAbility programs.

AquAbility Program Video 2020

You are the heart of the program.

Please enjoy the smiles on the faces in this video and share it around.

Take good care of each other,

Karen Morrison

AquAbility Executive Director

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