Oct 30

AquAbility Program at Idaho School for Deaf and Blind going strong!

AquAbility began a swim program for 38 students at the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind in Gooding, Idaho at the beginning of the school year.  Every Wednesday, Karen Morrison brings 7 volunteers with her to work with the students in the water.  The progress in 8 weeks is phenomenal!

Here is what parents and teachers are saying:

AquAbility has been a wonderful opportunity for our daughter Hallie (8).  She is blind and has Cerebral Palsy.  Hallie has always loved to be in the water with us when we swim as a family, but I was never confident enough or knew how to safely get her to go underwater and begin to increase her skills.  On the first day of AquAbility I saw pictures of her underwater!  There are few activities that Hallie can participate in.  Horseback riding has always been a favorite, but now, being able to show off her new skills in the pool is on the top of the list!  We feel very fortunate to have this opportunity.”

~Marni Porath, Mother of ISDB student.

“As a teacher, I can’t say enough positive things about AquAbility and the program they offer to my students.  The skills that my kiddos are developing are evident week to week in the water, and I can also see transfer of those skills into the classroom.  It is so nice to have a program that equally involves the students with disabilities, who sometimes only get to watch from the sidelines in activities their peers might be doing.”

~Jodie Hamilton, ISDB teacher.


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