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I may never become another Johnny Weismuller or even Buster Crab, but through AquAbility’s Karen Morrison, the “task master”, my swimming ability has improved greatly.  Karen takes people with an assortment of disabilities and through fun, hard work and laughter, transforms us into a group of energetic tadpoles doing freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, pushing, pulling, kicking, using fins, paddles, pulling parachutes, and the list goes on.  Karen takes us through these various exercises using special techniques depending on our individual needs.  Yes, this is serious business, but I take it with laughter and fun. I have become a much better swimmer, but more importantly, I find myself with greater range of motion, increased strength and conditioning, losing extra weight, and a newborn confidence in myself in and out of the pool.

You will never know what lurks around the next bend of the road unless you release yourself from the grip of a disability that paralyzes and hinders you from following your personal journey of life.

Life is not a game.  It is about enjoying life while trying to do the best you can!