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Jul 10

Promotional Photoshoot Jul 9, 2012

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Jun 22

AquAbility named Paralympic Sport Club

Nine states add Paralympic Sport Clubs U.S. Paralympics is proud to welcome 12 new Paralympic Sport Clubs in nine states. The newest clubs: Paralympic Sport South New England in Wallingford, Conn.; Paralympic Sport Texas Hill Country in San Marcos, Texas; Paralympic Sport Club Clarksville in Clarksville, Tenn.; Paralympic Sport Club Southeastern Massachusetts in Cape Cod, Mass.; Paralympic Sport Louisville in Louisville, Ky.; Paralympic Sport Boise in Boise, Idaho;Paralympic Sport West Virginia in Charleston, W.Va.; Paralympic Sport New Britain in New Britain, Conn.; Paralympic Sport Northwest Chicago in Rolling Meadows, Ill.; Paralympic Sport Sun Valley-Ketchum in Ketchum, Idaho; Paralympic Sport Dallas in Dallas, Texas; and Paralympic Sport Oklahoma City in Oklahoma City, Okla. For more on Paralympic Sport Clubs, visit

May 18

Swim 4 AquAbility Community Fundraiser Event. June 9-10, 2012

This is a fundraiser event the whole community can take part in. Adults and children who can swim are encouraged to get pledges and come out and swim lengths at the Zenergy outdoor pool on June 9 or 10, to raise money to help AquAbility continue to provide swimming for physically challenged individuals and injured veterans in our community and all of Idaho.

Download the event flyer and pledge form on the link below.

Please call Karen Morrison if you have any questions.  208-720-6362

Swim 4 AquAbility Flyer

Swim 4 Aquability Pledge Form

Pledge Letter Sample

Oct 14

AquAbility assists with Higher Ground Water Sports Camp

AquAbility assists at the Higher Ground Water Sports Camp for injured veterans, August 6-13, 2011.

Karen worked with 7 veterans and their spouses on the waterfront for a wonderful week at Lake Petit.  The veterans enjoyed a week in the beautiful Idaho wilderness in this week organized and run by Higher Ground.  AquAbility is happy to be part of this therapeutic recreation program helping the wounded veterans and their wives participate in and accomplish skills in a myriad of water sports including swimming, kayaking, paddleboarding, tubing, wakeboarding, canoeing, and a team water sport challenge at the end of the week.

“Spending an entire week with the veterans was such a rewarding experience.  I was grateful to be able to help these veterans with physical and psychological injuries not only overcome their fears, but to find success and a feeling of accomplishment.  My heart was touched deeply over the course of the week; frowns turned to smiles as these veterans challenged themselves, made friends, opened up, and shared through laughter and tears.  Water is healing, and allows a venue in which these veterans can face the difficulties they have returning to life after being injured serving our country. Swimming is a great stress reducer and affords gravity free exercise for challenged bodies.  I’m happy I can help people with challenges find a way to be healthier and reduce stress in their lives through swimming.”   ◆ Karen Morrison

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Oct 13

AquAbility Swim Clinic for Higher Ground Women Veterans

AquAbility Swim Clinic held at Zenergy Health Club on Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

AquAbility director Karen Morrison taught a clinic in collaboration with Higher Ground and assisted by volunteers, Michael, Deb, Heidi, Cal, Alex, Don and Cameron.  The 6 women veterans began the clinic with trepidation, and by the end of the hour they had all surpassed their individual expectations.  Karen brought them through successive drills and exercises for freestyle and backstroke and by the end of the clinic, the swimmers looked great and the pool was filled with smiles and cheering.

These veterans can take these skills and a newfound comfort level in the water home with them. They all indicated a desire to go home and find a group to swim with.  AquAbility has given them a way to find health, fitness, stress relief, and social camaraderie through swimming despite their personal physical challenges.

Check out more pictures from the clinic.

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Aug 16


The first fundraising event for AquAbility was a huge success! 

130 people came out to support AquAbility at the Wild West Party held at the home of board member Don Oliphant and his wife Judy.  It was a beautiful, warm evening. Everyone was decked out in their wild west duds. Down at the tepee, the children had supervised games, nature walks, archery, dinner and s’mores by the campfire.  The adults enjoyed a delicious meal catered by Raspberries, and had fun bidding on silent auction items.  Derek Agnew, general manager at Zenergy Health Club, was the animated auctioneer for the live auction items.

AquAbility director Karen Morrison wishes to thank all the volunteers and guests who have helped make this fundraiser a success.  The funds raised will help us provide therapeutic swimming for the physically challenged and for wounded veterans in our programs throughout the year.



Jun 23

Dara Torres – Honorary Board Member

We are pleased to announce that Dara Torres has accepted the invitation to be an AquAbility, Inc. Honorary Board Member.  She took some time during her short week vacationing and training with the local Zen Master swim team to stop by an AquAbility practice. We will be watching Dara as she trains for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, which will be her 6th Olympics.  She is in amazing shape and we all send her our best wishes as she focuses on her goal.

May 12

Karen’s week with Paralympic coach and athletes in Colorado

I had a wonderful week in Colorado Springs at the United States Olympic Training Center shadowing our National Paralympic coach, Dave Denniston. I got to know the 16 paralympic athletes who live and train at the center in hopes of making the national team and representing our country at the Paralympics in London.

I learned so much from Dave about coaching. He is the most creative coach I have ever seen, and has a very talented group of swimmers – some have one arm, some one leg, some neither, some cerebral palsy, some spinal cord injuries, and some are blind. I was speechless at their abilities in the water.

I also got to spend quite a few hours in the gym with Amanda Wittenmyer – Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the USOC. I watched the team during their gym routines and was amazed at their abilities to perform exercises despite their physical challenges. I learned how to adapt exercises in the weight room for all types of different body requirements.

I came home very excited to inject all of the things I learned on this trip into my coaching here at home.

Here is a picture of the team with their coach, Dave Denniston.

May 12

Zenergy Day Pass May 14-15 Benefits AquAbility

AquAbility is a non-profit corporation committed to providing therapeutic recreation and competition through swimming for people with a variety of physical challenges. 

Karen Morrison works with local participants to help them learn to swim despite their challenges and reap all the benefits and rewards that learning a new sport affords. Swimming is an activity that can be done independently, and this is a priceless freedom. AquAbility also has plans to work with wounded veterans and paralympian athletes training here in Sun Valley. Zenergy is partnering with AquAbility and sponsors the program by providing the practice facility.

This weekend, May 14 and 15, Zenergy hosts a day pass for $10 benefitting AquAbility. This pass allows use of the gym, pools, squash court, and group fitness or yoga classes. Please come to enjoy some healthy time at Zenergy and help AquAbility carry out this mission.

If you are interested in learning more about AquAbility, or know of someone who might benefit from this program, please contact Karen Morrison at 208-720-6362

Apr 18

Coach Travels to Paralympic Training Center

Coach Karen will be traveling to the National Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs to get some on-deck training from Dave Denniston. Dave is the swim coach for the National Resident Paralympic Team. She will also be attending the Paralympic Leadership Conference while she is there. Stay tuned for updates after the trip which is scheduled for April 26-May 1, 2011.