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Jun 04

Swim 4 AquAbility 2014 June 22 at Zenergy Health Club in Ketchum

Help raise money for this great cause and enjoy swimming at the same time! Swim at Zenergy June 22 between 11-4:00pm. If you are not available to swim on that day, complete your Swim 4 AquAbility at your leisure at any pool and on any day you desire, and turn in your donations by June 30th.

Information and Registration Form Downloads Swim 4 AquAbility A Fundraiser

Registration & Donation Form 2014

Apr 20

AquAbility: Logan is swimming!

Logan is starting to swim and move his arms and legs!

Apr 20

Ella’s first swim with AquAbility!

Ella swimming freestyle and backstroke combination.

Apr 11

Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind AquAbility Video

Mar 10

Sad news for AquAbility

ROBERT LOWE It is with sadness that I share the death of our Robert Lowe. He began swimming with us last year, and had improved so much. He had a goal to swim 70 lengths of the pool in honor of his 70th year. I am sorry he was not able to realize that goal. He was a vibrant part of our swim sessions, and at AquAbility 4th of July parade, Robert helped decorate the float and had his parade wave down pat. I will miss him at practice. He was always funny and witty, and tried his hardest, despite his health challenges this past year. Here’s to you, Robert! We appreciated you completely and will miss you always. ~Coach Karen

Feb 27

Cheer on Sochi Biathlon and Nordic Paralympians who have swum with AquAbility!

Dan Knossen, Omar Bermejo, and Kevin Burton are all going to Sochi, and have all swum with AquAbility for cross-training. Please cheer them on and watch the Paralympic events on television.  Here is a video about Biathlon…

Link to Sochi Paralympic Sport Schedule on television:  CLICK TO VISIT

Feb 11

Wood River AquAbility Kids Love to Swim!!

Sacchika, Gisele and Asher playing around after swim practice.

Feb 06

How to donate to AquAbility with you next shopping trip on Amazon!

  You can donate to AquAbility every time you shop at Amazon by using this link on the front page of our website.   It is that easy!  Just bookmark the AquAbility website link below and start shopping and giving at the same time!


Thank you for supporting AquAbility’s adapted swimming programs!

Dec 27

AquAbility YouTube Video

Please check out this new YouTube video just released.  Heartfelt thanks to Steve Ferguson for all of his time filming and editing for this short film about AquAbility.  You rock, Steve!

Please share this video to help AquAbility reach more people who can benefit from our program.

Dec 05

Nick Kontaxis Video

Check out this link to a video of AquAbility swimmer Nick Kontaxis.