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I grew up in the Wood River Valley, a strong and agile teenager.  One summer night in 1977, just a few months before my 17th birthday, a combination of poor decision making, alcohol and a motorcycle, lead to a drastic change in the way that I would end up living the rest of my life.  I had broken my neck.  Doctors fused my C5 vertebra. I spent the first two weeks in a Stryker bed with little sensation and only minimal movement in my upper torso and no use of my hands.  The third week I was placed in a halo cast and the fourth week I was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital.  It took 4 months to learn how to make my body function again, get out of the wheelchair and re-enter my high school life, walking with crutches.

I finished high school and obtained an associate’s degree at The College of Southern Idaho.  I have spent the last 30 years helping to raise my three children and working at Power Engineers, Inc.

I believe that each individual has the option to contribute to the grand scheme of life. There is no one correct answer for everybody and if you keep an open mind there is something to be learned from everyone. To the extent possible, I try to stay above the line and pay it forward with the intention that people will return the favor to someone else in the future.

Strive to improve and never turn down an opportunity because of the fear of failing!